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Sports Federations Management Software


Federatio is an On-Line Management Software for Sports Federations. Created in 2003 from scratch for various sports federations, Federatio has evolved throughout these years from the demands of a large network of customers that have been presenting particular situations to which Federatio has provided specific solutions. In order to achieve this, we have taken into account all the varying particularities ranging from different sizes, sports, languages or circumstances.

From the beginning, Federatio was conceived as an online computer program that allows both the general management as well as the provision of information by the different levels of the organization in a delocalized way. Moreover, the fact of having a single database for all the system avoids the duplication of processes while getting the information updated on the website in real time. The application requires no installation and the upgrade is performed remotely, which also minimizes the time for maintenance.




How is Federatio? It is as your federation needs. Federatio is fast, robust, secure… but, above all, flexible. Our system adapts to the characteristics of each customer and should not be the federation who fits the way the program operates.



Is there any infallible software? No. And anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. At DCL Informática we are aware of it, so one of our major concerns is to fix any problems that may arise as soon as possible.



We are aware of the problems posed by the usage of paper when generating reports from data stored in this old-fashion format. We also know how complicated the structures of federations are sometimes, and the problems caused by the delocalization of some levels (clubs, referees, managers, etc.). Federatio was designed to solve these problems and has evolved over the time: a single database and multiple access systems depending on the user’s profile.



DCL Informática has a network of servers distributed among the best data centers in Spain in order to guarantee the speed and reliability of the program and information. As the number of users increases, so does the number of servers.



Why can’t a federation afford, regardless of its size, to have a professional computer program without a large outlay? Federatio is the solution, with an adjusted monthly fee and without a down payment; any federation can enjoy the most complete management software for sports federations avoiding, above all, the duplication of tasks.



The essence of Federatio is the continuous improvement. Using Federatio involves having all the modules already available, at no additional cost, and all those future enhancements that, on request, will be incorporated into the system.



Working with handball, volleyball and basketball federations, as well as the responsibility of giving support to major championships, have made DCL Informática a company with management experience in the sports world and have trained our team about the day-to-day problems of a federation.


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